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Crate Labels

Fruit Packing Crate Labels

These beautiful and colourful crate labels were designed and printed between 1900 and the early 1950's for the fruit producers of California. Originally pasted on wooden fruit packing crates, a limited number of unused labels were left over when cardboard boxes with pre-printed designs replaced the fruit crates, just after World War II, due to the rising cost of timber.

120 - Vandalia
116 - Royal Knight
146 - Lake View
104 - Gold Coast
105 - Golden Eagle

Our crate labels are all originals, printed by a now obsolete process which involved hand separation of the colours. Though time consuming, this process, allied to some fine graphic artists, produced labels of a very high quality.

168 - Wise Bird
107 - Homer
108 - Lily
109 - King David
110 - Loch Lomond

The gallery pages of this site contain a total of 75 different crate label designs, all of which can be enlarged by clicking the thumbnail image. All crate labels can be purchased directly from us at the cost of £10 Sterling each, including postage and packing in the British Isles. Overseas customers please contact us for current shipping rates.


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